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Our first guest is April Schneider, Financial Expert & Head of Consumer and Small Business Products, Bank of America she will share tips and insights to help make your financial goals a reality, whether you’re just starting to save or hoping to build on existing financial habits.

April Schneider is the head of Consumer and Small Business Products at Bank of America. Her team is responsible for delivering the products and services that help Bank of America’s 66 million consumer and 3.5 million small business clients meet their financial goals. Schneider’s team consists of approximately 800 employees across the country. For more information, please visit: www.bankofamerica.com/student-banking/



A J Barkley, SVP, Neighborhood Lending Executive at Bank of America, she is responsible for identifying opportunities to drive successful home-ownership among low- to moderate-income borrowers, undeserved communities, and multicultural borrowers across the economic spectrum. She discusses why 49% of Americans believe they’re saving enough to achieve their financial goals — there’s never been a better time to examine your savings behavior and commit to a healthy financial future.

For more information, please visit: www.bankofamerica.com/student-banking/



They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but the truth is, your eyes are the windows to your overall health. That’s why comprehensive eye exams are crucial. But, according to a new survey, a quarter of Americans say it’s challenging just getting to the doctor.  Here to tell us the details about that and how that eye exam could save more than your vision is The American Optometric Association President, Dr. Barbara Horn. March is “Save Your Vision Month”.

Barbara L. Horn, O.D., was elected as a trustee to the American Optometric Association Board in June 2011 and elected President in St. Louis, Missouri at the 122nd Annual AOA Congress & 49th Annual AOSA Conference: Optometry’s Meeting® in June 2019. For more information on the ‘Start with Eye’ initiative, please visit AOA.org/StartWithEye.

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