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This is the second in a two part series with guests Andrew Green and Sue Slusher, from Arlington Memorial Gardens.  Attorney Green has  25 years of experience as both an attorney and Certified Public Accountant.  Mr. Green is an Associate Attorney with the Eppley Legal Group. He has represented hundreds of clients in state/federal court as trial counsel in both criminal and civil cases as well as active in family law courts.

Andrew W. Green believes estate planning should be at the top of everyone’s to-do list.  The legacy we leave behind will provide comfort as well as peace of mind to the ones who matter most, our family. This is the topic Mr. Green will be discussing.  We want to welcome the Eppley Legal Group as our new Sponsors and Experts as Attorney’s Of Law for Let’s Just Talk. For more information go to www.https://eppleylegalgroup.com


And joining Andrew today is Sue Slusher, Family Care Advisor and certified Life Tribute Celebrant of Arlington Memorial Gardens she will discusses with Andrew Green Pre-planning  and the “peace of mind” that it provides  to individuals and families.

Sue Slusher joined The Arlington Memorial Gardens as a Family Care Advisor in 2004. Her professional background is steeped in helping others through her experience in real estate and later as a hearing specialist.  A resident of White Oak, Sue has deep roots in the community and is an active member of several community organizations. She has a vested interest in Arlington, not only as a longtime employee, but also because, as she notes, “Arlington has been the cemetery of choice for my family for a very long time.” Sue and her husband Jerry are the proud parents of a son and daughter-in-law and the extremely joyful grandparents of a grandson and granddaughter.  She can be contacted directly at sues@amgardens.org. Go for more information.

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