WCVX 1160 AM June 15, 2019

Dan Perkins our guest today is Political Commentator, Author, of both thrillers and children’s books. Mr. Perkins is also a Registered Investment Adviser, and a Radio Personality who appears on over 1,100 radio stations. Mr. Perkins appears regularly on international TV talk shows, he is current events commentator for seven blogs, and a philanthropist with his foundation for American veterans, Songs and Stories for Soldiers, Inc.

Dan  will discuss the latest incident in the Gulf of Oman. and how it may or may not effect the markets.  As you may have heard on the news this past week their was an incident with the Two oil tankers that were attacked in the Gulf of Oman. It appears that the Iranians were responsible for the attack. Initially, it was thought that the attack was by torpedoes, but closer inspection of the damage appears that that attack was well above the water line.  For more information on Mr. Perkins go to his website at Danperkins.guru

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