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Pastor Troy Ervin is a graduate of Ohio Christian University. He is the pastor of  Life Change Church In Milford Ohio. For over 30 years has traveled extensively as a camp meeting, revival and conference speaker, Troy, his wife Mandy and their four children live in Williamsburg, Ohio. Pastor Ervin has appeared on both Television and radio and has authored numerous books. Today he will discuss his newest book “Unsinkable Significance”.  Pastor Troy Ervin is our newest Expert on Let’s Just Talk!!


Pastor and author, Troy Ervin, in his engaging book, Unsinkable Significance, answers some of life’s deepest wonderings revealed in this notable biblical story.

Good News: God Puts Your Purpose Within Reach!Thousands of years ago, in the book of Kings, a lesser-known but remarkable story is chronicled. It involves a prophet, an ambitious worker, a floating ax head, a stick—and your destiny.

Maybe you’ve searched for wholeness, purpose, and significance for years and never known what’s holding you back. We’re all born asking questions: “How do I find success?” “How do I get from where I am now to where I want to be?” “Where do I go and what should I do?” But the biggest question of all . . . the one we have all asked ourselves at one time or another is, “Why am I here?”

In this book, you will discover…
• The single, true way to find significance in your life
• The joy of surrender and brokenness
• How to uncover and live out a significant life
• How to stop trying to fix problems without God’s help
• When it seems like it’s over, IT’S NOT
• Your value and worth are more than a name, status, title, or notoriety
• Even in anonymity, how to will leave a lasting impression
• How your reason for living will reveal itself

“Each of us is searching for significance. But what we don’t realize is that it’s not found where we expect it. Instead, it’s discovered in a most unusual place, brokenness. Troy Ervin’s excellent book, Unsinkable Significance, will help you understand ‘why you are here’ from a profoundly unique perspective found in a rarely told story about a stick in the Bible. This book touched me so deeply that I have a small branch from a tree sitting on my desk as a reminder of God’s truth from this book. Full of captivating stories and practical examples, Unsinkable Significance will not leave you the way it found you. It will compel you to live your life, from this day forward, in a way that matters. I highly recommend it.”
—John Mason, author of the best-selling book, An Enemy Called Average,
and numerous other bestsellers. Go to their Facebook site  for more information. https://www.facebook.com/1739906956256177/posts/2295866260660241?sfns=xmo

For more information on Pastor Ervin’s Church go to their website at http://www.lcchurch.tv

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