WCVX 1160 AM 7-07-2018

Our guest today is Rev. Frank Stewart, Speaker, Teacher, Evangelist Minister.

Reverend Frank Stewart travels the country as an Evangelist preaching in Churches as well as participating in Revivals across the US. Today at 83 years old Frank is traveling the country spreading God’s word in every state. Rev. Stewart is a Retired Pastor of the Carthage Baptist Church is our religious minister for the PRO Group. Pastor Stewart was Pastor at the Carthage Baptist Church for 38 years. After retiring in 2000 the Lord asked Frank to go to India.

A call came in from a dear friend of Frank’s from India inviting him to preach and visit. After seeing that the Pastor needed a school, Frank came back to the States and raised the money to build a Missionary School. Not long after returning to the States Frank was again asked to return to India. He stayed on this occasion a month on this visit he saw then they desperately needed a church, so Frank returned and raised enough money to build a Church in Visakhapatnam, India. Reverend Stewart did not retire as his family thought he would as God called him again. This time, it was to build Evangelism in the United States with Revivals.

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