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Aileen Milton Conservative MediaOur guest  today is Aileen Milton, Founder of The Villages Conservative Media and President and co-founder of The Villages Tea Party.  Aileen is the editor and webmaster for both the TVCM & TVTP websites. Aileen developed and produces the “What’s Next Aileen? Program which includes, filming special events and conducting interviews with mainly conservative individuals, authors, film producers, business owners, managers and veterans along with a few politicians.

Aileen offers a very relaxed interview with a back and forth conversation style and covers a variety of topics pertinent to the individual she is interviewing while covering  the many issues our country faces from finance, energy, immigration, border security, upcoming elections and much more.

The Villages Conservative Media

Aileen’s recent filming or interviews include Sec of State Mike Pompeo at the Sumter County Fairgrounds, Anita & Chuck Untersee on their upcoming film “Angles on the Battlefield, Rules For Deplorables  Author – Cathi Chamberlain, WWII Veteran Irving Locker who appeared and was introduced at Pres Trump’s State of the Union Address,  Filmed and interviewed many of the sponsors and business Exhibitors at  the Made in America Convention that was held at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Oct 2019 .

Aileen’s broadband producer since 2012 is Verwayne Greenhoe with Big V Production.  She credits Verwayne for helping and encouraging her to film her weekly Tea Party meetings and now streaming  “What’s Next Aileen? Aileen refers to herself as a conservative and an overall generalist. Aileen has 2 rescue dogs – A Maltipo and Toy Poodle both white – named “Gunner & Pistol” Tom – Aileen’s husband of 21+ years joined the heavenly choir in Dec of 2019.

www.thevillagesconservative.com      www.thevillagesteaparty.org

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