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Our first guests today are Dr. Leslie Soiles, Chief Audiologist for HearingLife and spokesperson for The National Campaign for Better Hearing Hearing loss. Dr. Leslie Soiles was born with hearing loss and before receiving hearing aids in college, she would read lips and sit close to her teachers to better understand what people were saying. Once she received hearing aids, her quality of life improved greatly, and in her words, it was “life-changing.” So much so, that she changed majors and pursued a career in audiology.

Tina Soika, SVP of Operations for HearingLife and a trained speech pathologist joins Dr. Solies  to discuss hearing loss an often-misunderstood condition that impacts an estimated 48 million Americans. Helping to Break Down the Stigma Around Hearing Loss and Making Life-Changing Differences Through Hearing Health.  l our guest will also share information about the Campaign for Better Hearing, which encourages people to “Test Your Ears at 60 Years.”For more information go to : https://www.hearinglife.com/


Our next guest is Jodi Grant, Executive Director, Afterschool Alliance her topic is the far reaching benefits of  Afterschool Programs, and additionally a  New Report from Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Will Identify Hours During Which Most Juvenile Crime Occurs 20th Annual National Rally for Afterschool Programs. This new report from the more than 5,000 sheriffs, police chiefs, and prosecutors of the organization Fight Crime: Invest in Kids will spotlight abundant, powerful research documenting positive outcomes for children and teens who participate in high quality afterschool programs. The report, being released in conjunction with Lights On Afterschool, shows that the hours immediately following school remain the “prime time for juvenile crime,” which is why afterschool programs are proving to be one of the nation’s best crime prevention strategies.
For 20 years, Lights On Afterschool has been the only nationwide event celebrating afterschool programs and their important role in the lives of children, families, and communities. Thursday, October 24th, more than a million people across the nation and at U.S. military bases worldwide turned the lights on for afterschool by opening their doors to showcase the skills students gain and the talents they develop at their afterschool programs. The Empire State Building in New York City was one of dozens of landmarks to light up for afterschool that evening.  For more information please visit www.afterschoolalliance.org



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