WCVX 1160 AM 1/11/2020 10:00 AM/ 7:00 PM

Our guest today is William D. Winship  the CEO of Portacle™ and an Architect of Safe Power.  He is a noted author, he will discuss his latest book , “That Guy – HOPE Shift 2020″.

That Guy – HOPE Shift 2020″. HOPE is a word, it is activated by Faith. The book gives the fundamentals needed to build an enterprise, be an enterprise leader and WIN in life both personally and professionally. The content was created utilizing best practices, best policies, and best information so that you can utilize the power of leverage and redeem years of your life. We provide the key Behaviors and Proven principles that promote acceleration as you swiftly move through “The Shift”. This book is about INCREASE AND PROFIT.


William is recognized for his 5 day Relational Excellence Practical that has helped to eliminate dysfunction in business and personal lives. Portacle™ is recognized as a firm that provides a unique integrated approach that incorporates Process Consulting and Executive Coaching that is measured, hence the tagline “Measured Success”.

Our philosophy is to create interdependent communities of Authentic Leaders. The process starts with innovation, enters into collaboration and ends with the mobilization of the teams. We encourage commitment to relationships, and introduce the concepts of relational equity as the highest form of compensation. For more information on Mr. Winship go to his LinkedIn Page at William D. Winship or you can purchase any of his books at Amazon.com

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