WCVX 1160 AM 01/04/2020

Jimmy Romeo of Blu-Creative discusses the new Historical  Documentary “What Lies beneath the Water” that he created with his partner Jonathan Lutton.  This film was inspired by the Great State of Michigan and the early years of lumberjacks and loggers who help shape American.





The  film tells the  story of the Gabriel Currie, formerly of Los Angeles a legend-track handmade guitar builder, the Echopark Guitars owner and builder how leaving the West Coast  to come east would make the  history books come to life. and he’d come face to face with  the famous Charles Hackley’s legacy. A chance meeting with Brian Mooney, president of Detroit-based Integrity Building Group, led to a business partnership where Hackley’s sunken logs from the depths of Muskegon Lake will soon become some of Currie’s priciest and rarest guitars yet. The use of Michigan pine from a bygone logging era  Currie said. “Once the wood is gone, it’s gone. I might be able to make 100 pieces … maybe.” Check out the Movie on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tXIlxHXjig&t=1936s

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