W4CY 8/9/2018 & W4VET 8/12/2018

Our guest today is Richard Paolinelli discussing his career as an author and talking about his third full-length science-fiction/fantasy novel, When The Gods Fell. Richard began his writing career as a freelance writer in 1984 and gained his first fiction credit serving as the lead writer for the first two issues of the Elite Comics sci-fi/fantasy series, Seadragon. His sports writing career spans stops in New Mexico, Arizona and California. He won the 2001 California Newspaper Publishers Association award for Best Sports Story.

In 2010, Richard retired as a sportswriter and returned to his fiction writing roots. Since then he has written five novels – including the Dragon Award Finalist (Best Sci-Fi Novel), Escaping Infinity – three Sherlock Holmes pastiches, two non-fiction sports books and three novelettes. He is serving as co-editor for one of the 11 volumes of Superversive Press’ Planetary Anthologies (Pluto) and will have his own short stories in several of the other volumes as well that are to be released throughout 2018.


His third full-length science-fiction/fantasy novel, When The Gods Fell, was just released. He plans on releasing The Timeless series, a middle-grade YA Steampunk series, beginning this fall and another novel, Firstborn’s Curse, around Christmas. Richard’s social media: WEBSITE: www.scifiscribe.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/groups/1943901029201844/TWITTER: @ScribesShade





Our next guest is Brian Wilson, author of John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age, Fetzer was a  Radio Pioneer, Media Mogul and Detroit Tigers’ Owner.  John Fetzer Fostered the Marriage of Science and Spirituality Through the Decades He Modeled That Blending Business and Spirituality is a Potent Pathway to Success.



 In this book, Brian C. Wilson, professor of Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University, richly explores Fetzer’s path to his worldview, while chronicling the awakening of the New Age. And for those who are seeking validation that business success and enlightenment can actually work hand-in-hand, Fetzer’s extraordinary life stands as evidence. John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age, priced at $34.99 for the hardcover edition, is available at Barnes and Noble and other selected bookstores, as well as online at Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. The Kindle edition is $24.99

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