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Our guest is Dr. Ron Bracy, author of Walk On, was born at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, Dr. Ron Bracy was adopted at the age of five and grew up in Bethesda, Arkansas.   A graduate of the Air Force Academy, he served in the U.S. Air Force for 42 years and is a veteran of the Vietnam War where he flew 183 combat missions. He was on duty in the Pentagon during the terrorist attack on 9-11-01.  Walk On: From the Valley of Despair to the Mountaintop of Praise. A man of faith, he later earned a Ph.D. in biblical studies, and moved into the Air Force Chaplaincy. His last active duty assignment was to the Military Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, where he was on duty on 9/11 and worked to save others on that terrible day. But despite all he had seen and endured, Ron Bracy’s most severe test of life and faith came the day his only
son was killed on an Air Force Special Operations mission. Bracy reflects back on his own grief and that of others in his book, Walk On: From the Valley of Despair to
the Mountaintop of Praise. The book is an examination of the small Old Testament book called Habakkuk.



Rachel Herz, Ph.D. –  neuro-scientist and leading world expert on the psychological science of smell is our guest today for the announcement of the 2019 National Odor-Eaters ® Rotten Sneaker Contest ®. NEW YORK, NY Rotten Sneaker Contest Believe it or not, your stinky sneakers may be in your favor for once! Usually when we smell a foul odor, we immediately crimp our nose, try to figure out what it is, where it is coming from, or better yet, get away from it! But for the participants at the 44th National Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest, stinky smells are bringing people closer together.

Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest Winner

The contest takes place at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square.  Children from across the country compete in this contest by showing off their foul-smelling sneakers to a panel of judges, in hopes they are granted the award of smelliest sneaker! But only one pair of stinky sneakers could be crowned the winner and they belonged to Senneca Slocombe from Eagle River, Alaska Winner of  the 2019 National Odor-Eaters ® Rotten Sneaker Contest ®. She received $2,500, tickets to see the Broadway Show “Aladdin”, an extra 2-day stay, and the national title.


Our last guest is Lorna Kapusta, Vice President, Women and Investing, Fidelity Investments Lorna will be giving the results of “Women and Investing Study” March was Women’s History Month and Equal Pay Day is in April.  Ms. Kapusta will also provide insights on women and investing and offer easy-to-follow tips on what steps can be taken to help your money work harder and grow. For more information go to FidelityInvestments.com 

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