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Our first guest is Dr. Mark Johnson the author of “What is a Book: What is CovenantCovenant?: God’s Plan for Our Best Lives Our Hope for Our Future” (Covenant Relationship Series). In this first of the series, we find the world is attempting to redefine marriage and a relationship with God in accord with ever-shifting cultural views. In sharp contrast, God has had a specific plan for these two relationships in place from the beginning. Both are termed Covenant Relationships. There is little current teaching in the Christian community about the structure, function, and purposes―or even the definition―of these relationships.

Dr. Johnson is not a credentialed, licensed, academically certified purported expert on life, which may be his greatest strength. He has developed successful medical practices in two different medical specialties, is very happily married, has seven grown children, and architected his own home. Throughout adult life, his main passion has been understanding how people grow and change to live better lives, or why they do not.

You can purchase his book on Amazon or fine book stores. For more information go to his website at https://www.markjohnsonmdauthor.com/

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but the truth is, your eyes are the windows to your overall health. That’s why comprehensive eye exams are crucial. But, according to a new survey, a quarter of Americans say it’s challenging just getting to the doctor.  Here to tell us the details about that and how that eye exam could save more than your vision is The American Optometric Association President, Dr. Barbara Horn. March is “Save Your Vision Month”.

Barbara L. Horn, O.D., was elected as a trustee to the American Optometric Association Board in June 2011 and elected President in St. Louis, Missouri at the 122nd Annual AOA Congress & 49th Annual AOSA Conference: Optometry’s Meeting® in June 2019. For more information on the ‘Start with Eye’ initiative, please visit AOA.org/StartWithEye.

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