W4Cy 3/07/2019 & W4Vet 3/10/2019

Murat Bicak, Senior VP at The Project Management Institute will be talking about how New Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Voice Assisted Technologies are impacting the work place for the average person.  He will also discuss everything they we need to know about how future technologies may help them reach new levels of success in the corporate landscape. Fresh from the World Economic Forum stage, a meeting of the top business leaders across the world, Murat will be able to share how companies are dealing with latest technologies and what it means for them.


Chris Byrne, The “Toy Guy®,” author of Toy Time and toy historian. Chris provides a behind the scenes look at some of the latest toys and trends being launched for 2019, some of which are already heading to shelves as manufacturers hope to catch the hearts and imaginations of kids nationwide. He will give you an exclusive first look and discuss what your kids are likely going to be asking for this year, as manufacturers place their bets—and try to get an early read—on what will be hot for kids this year. He will touch on everything from hot trends, new hot products and the state of play and the U.S. toy industry as we move into 2019. For more information go to TheToyGuy.com


Gene Goldman, Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research of Cetera Investment Management, is discusses the markets and why investors are more optimistic now than ever. He’ll also discuss the consumer confidence numbers that were released on February 26, the GDP data was released on February 28, as well as outline the market’s favorite and least favorite sectors. For more information, please visit www.cetera.com  

Our Last Guest is Paige Fowler, AAMS®, Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Financial Expert, Paige Fowler will discuss America Saves Week and the importance of protecting your financial goals and help ease the process by demystifying life insurance. Making any kind of financial decision, including buying life insurance, can seem daunting at first, but they will explain the benefits that a policy can provide and share some tips on achieving greater financial security. For more information go to Edward Jones Financial Advisor/Paige Fowler, AAMS®

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