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Karen Sokolf Javitch, Award-winning songwriter,  is our guest today she will discuss :Why do so many people hate President Trump? That is the question that Karen Javitch asks in her new song, “Why Do So Many People Love or Hate President Trump?”Link to humorous song (available to post to social media): Music video: https://youtu.be/Jxe6QtOJyQU  Audio only: http://tinyurl.com/lovehatetrump  In the song she sings about all the things that Trump has done as our president. America is in a good state and Karen Javitch wants her fellow Americans to realize that. Karen’s diverse creations include songs about exercising, celebrities, holidays, political figures, babies, children, math, patriotism, love and family.

Besides Karen’s 15 albums, she has co-written 4 musicals and was the creator and co-host of a popular Omaha radio show, “It’s the Beat.” Her musicals include “Princess Diana the Musical,” “From Generation to Generation,” and “Love at the Café.”  These shows have been performed in many cities in the United States. In addition, Ms. Javitch has raised over $350,000 for national and local charities with her original music.  Her music may be found on her website at: https://jmrproductions.com/

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