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Our first guest is Gabriella van Rij’s  has a fascinating life,  her story of her adoption should have been a rags-to-riches fairy tale—instead, it turned into a headlong journey through racism and isolation and sparked a search for belonging that continued throughout the first half of her life. With a brave and honest voice, Gabriella writes as she speaks, touching on the social issues that plague our society and providing practical solutions for those who are facing discrimination or who feel isolated due to their circumstances. With a stark, honest tone, and the same signature humor she brings to the stage, Gabriella inspires readers to shatter their worlds with kindness. #DareToBeKind .For more information go to https://www.gabriella.global



Roger Dow, The President and CEO of The U.S. Travel Association in Washington D.C. Recently we’ve seen America’s share of global travel decline, causing lost revenue and jobs. Without ‘Brand USA,’ the public-private partnership that has served as the nation’s destination marketing arm, this decline would have been much worse. But now the future of the program is at risk. Joining us to discuss the importance of Brand USA, how it brings international tourism to America creating revenue and jobs, and what needs to happen to save the program. For more Information go to the website at : thebrandusa.com



Our last guest today is Karl Gouverneur, Vice President of Digital Workplace, Corporate Solutions, and Head of Digital Innovation at Northwestern Mutual, will discuss the cross-industry partnership, the Coalition’s vision and the ways in which it will engage the business community, education institutions, organizations and individuals who share the same goal of advancing tech and innovation in the region. For more information please visit: MKETech.org

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