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Our guest today is Richard Ferguson a retired business executive who once traveled the country visiting countless corporations and executives singing the praises of Hewlett Packard products. Today he is a full-time author, sounding the alarm of how liberal Democrats are attacking the United States from within. A popular guest on Talk Shows, Richard is a ‘go-to’ expert when it comes to any breaking political news having to do with moral values.  About Richard Ferguson’s latest book…


Christians Alert! Democrats are Attacking our Country: What Can We do About It?  By taking a look at our country from a Judeo-Christian viewpoint, Richard Ferguson reveals what happened in the past, what is happening right now and how Christians need to stand together to make a difference. The rhetoric that is put forth by the democrat party is magnified by the liberal media so that uninformed Americans believe what they are being told is the truth. Unfortunately, because of the liberal bias of the press, the truth is NOT what you see and hear on the news.

Christians Alert explores the details of the radical left Democrat party including their position on abortion, and how they ban together with the liberal media to attack the foundations of our beloved republic. Richard believes that the source of these attacks is demonic, and he examines the role of Satan in our world today and what his plan is for the destruction of God’s children. He also believes that the Democrat party the single largest clear and present danger to the existence of our country as we know it today!  Christians Alert explains all of this and describes what we as Christians can do about it! To order the book go to Amazon.com

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