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Our first guest is Gabriella van Rij’s  has a fascinating life,  her story of her adoption should have been a rags-to-riches fairy tale—instead, it turned into a headlong journey through racism and isolation and sparked a search for belonging that continued throughout the first half of her life. With a brave and honest voice, Gabriella writes as she speaks, touching on the social issues that plague our society and providing practical solutions for those who are facing discrimination or who feel isolated due to their circumstances. With a stark, honest tone, and the same signature humor she brings to the stage, Gabriella inspires readers to shatter their worlds with kindness. #DareToBeKind .For more information go to https://www.gabriella.global



Roger Dow, The President and CEO of The U.S. Travel Association in Washington D.C. Recently we’ve seen America’s share of global travel decline, causing lost revenue and jobs. Without ‘Brand USA,’ the public-private partnership that has served as the nation’s destination marketing arm, this decline would have been much worse. But now the future of the program is at risk. Joining us to discuss the importance of Brand USA, how it brings international tourism to America creating revenue and jobs, and what needs to happen to save the program. For more Information go to the website at : thebrandusa.com



Our last guest today is Karl Gouverneur, Vice President of Digital Workplace, Corporate Solutions, and Head of Digital Innovation at Northwestern Mutual, will discuss the cross-industry partnership, the Coalition’s vision and the ways in which it will engage the business community, education institutions, organizations and individuals who share the same goal of advancing tech and innovation in the region. For more information please visit: MKETech.org

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Pastor Troy Ervin is a graduate of Ohio Christian University. He is the pastor of  Life Change Church In Milford Ohio. For over 30 years has traveled extensively as a camp meeting, revival and conference speaker, Troy, his wife Mandy and their four children live in Williamsburg, Ohio. Pastor Ervin has appeared on both Television and radio and has authored numerous books. Today he will discuss his newest book “Unsinkable Significance”.  Pastor Troy Ervin is our newest Expert on Let’s Just Talk!!


Pastor and author, Troy Ervin, in his engaging book, Unsinkable Significance, answers some of life’s deepest wonderings revealed in this notable biblical story.

Good News: God Puts Your Purpose Within Reach!Thousands of years ago, in the book of Kings, a lesser-known but remarkable story is chronicled. It involves a prophet, an ambitious worker, a floating ax head, a stick—and your destiny.

Maybe you’ve searched for wholeness, purpose, and significance for years and never known what’s holding you back. We’re all born asking questions: “How do I find success?” “How do I get from where I am now to where I want to be?” “Where do I go and what should I do?” But the biggest question of all . . . the one we have all asked ourselves at one time or another is, “Why am I here?”

In this book, you will discover…
• The single, true way to find significance in your life
• The joy of surrender and brokenness
• How to uncover and live out a significant life
• How to stop trying to fix problems without God’s help
• When it seems like it’s over, IT’S NOT
• Your value and worth are more than a name, status, title, or notoriety
• Even in anonymity, how to will leave a lasting impression
• How your reason for living will reveal itself

“Each of us is searching for significance. But what we don’t realize is that it’s not found where we expect it. Instead, it’s discovered in a most unusual place, brokenness. Troy Ervin’s excellent book, Unsinkable Significance, will help you understand ‘why you are here’ from a profoundly unique perspective found in a rarely told story about a stick in the Bible. This book touched me so deeply that I have a small branch from a tree sitting on my desk as a reminder of God’s truth from this book. Full of captivating stories and practical examples, Unsinkable Significance will not leave you the way it found you. It will compel you to live your life, from this day forward, in a way that matters. I highly recommend it.”
—John Mason, author of the best-selling book, An Enemy Called Average,
and numerous other bestsellers. Go to their Facebook site  for more information. https://www.facebook.com/1739906956256177/posts/2295866260660241?sfns=xmo

For more information on Pastor Ervin’s Church go to their website at http://www.lcchurch.tv

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Our guest today is August Turak, author of the new book Brother John: A Monk, A Pilgrim and the Purpose of Life. He will discuss the book’s story of the redemptive power of an authentically purposeful life.
It is these core elements of human happiness — faith, family, community that August Turak and the story of Brother John addresses.  It’s the true story of an encounter between the author, going through a midlife crisis, and an umbrella wielding Trappist monk that asks us to reconsider the meaning and purpose of life.

Winner of the $100,000 Templeton Prize and written by August Turak, Brother John is the true story of a monastic encounter between the author, going through a midlife crisis, and an umbrella wielding Trappist monk: a magical Christmas Eve lesson that teaches us all the redemptive power of an authentically purposeful life. Uplifting, deeply moving, and set in the magnificent Trappist monastery of Mepkin Abbey, Brother John is dramatically brought to life by 22 full-color paintings by Glenn Harrington, a multiple award-winning artist who has illustrated over 700 books for all the top publishers.

AUGUST TURAK is an award-winning author, speaker, consultant and contributor for Forbes.com and the BBC. He is also the founder of the spiritual and educational nonprofit the Self Knowledge Symposium Foundation (SKSF). August retired as a successful entrepreneur and corporate executive. His book, Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks, was published in 2013 by Columbia Business School Publishing. When he is not praying and working alongside the Trappist monks of Mepkin Abbey, he works with his nonprofit and lives on a seventy-five-acre farm near Raleigh, North Carolina.
GLENN HARRINGTON is an internationally recognized and collected artist. His paintings have been featured in American Arts Quarterly, American Art Collector, the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, International Artists Magazine, and the covers of American Artist and US Art. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in New York, Japan, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, and has exhibited at the Norman Rockwell Museum, the Museum of American Illustration, and the USGA Museum. Glenn’s oil paintings have been published on over 600 book covers. His portrait work is highly regarded, having won the Portrait Society of America’s Draper Grand Prize in 2007, its Honor Award in 2008 and 2005 during its international juried exhibitions. Harrington’s portrait of Maria Callas was used to promote the Tony Award-winning play Master Class. For more information on his works go to http://www.glennharrington.com/
SELF KNOWLEDGE SYMPOSIUM FOUNDATION is a nonprofit founded by August Turak in 1999. Turak established the Self Knowledge Symposium (SKS) Student Group in 1989 to help students “learn how to live a life of meaning and purpose.” From North Carolina State University, to Duke University, to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the SKS spread like wildfire. In 1999, the SKS incorporated the Self Knowledge Symposium Foundation (SKSF) as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational organization. 
MEPKIN ABBEY is a Trappist monastery located near Moncks Corner, SC at the junction of the two forks of the Cooper River northwest of Charleston. For more information go to https://augustturak.com/