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Our guest today is August Turak, author of the new book Brother John: A Monk, A Pilgrim and the Purpose of Life. He will discuss the book’s story of the redemptive power of an authentically purposeful life.
It is these core elements of human happiness — faith, family, community that August Turak and the story of Brother John addresses.  It’s the true story of an encounter between the author, going through a midlife crisis, and an umbrella wielding Trappist monk that asks us to reconsider the meaning and purpose of life.

Winner of the $100,000 Templeton Prize and written by August Turak, Brother John is the true story of a monastic encounter between the author, going through a midlife crisis, and an umbrella wielding Trappist monk: a magical Christmas Eve lesson that teaches us all the redemptive power of an authentically purposeful life. Uplifting, deeply moving, and set in the magnificent Trappist monastery of Mepkin Abbey, Brother John is dramatically brought to life by 22 full-color paintings by Glenn Harrington, a multiple award-winning artist who has illustrated over 700 books for all the top publishers.

AUGUST TURAK is an award-winning author, speaker, consultant and contributor for Forbes.com and the BBC. He is also the founder of the spiritual and educational nonprofit the Self Knowledge Symposium Foundation (SKSF). August retired as a successful entrepreneur and corporate executive. His book, Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks, was published in 2013 by Columbia Business School Publishing. When he is not praying and working alongside the Trappist monks of Mepkin Abbey, he works with his nonprofit and lives on a seventy-five-acre farm near Raleigh, North Carolina.
GLENN HARRINGTON is an internationally recognized and collected artist. His paintings have been featured in American Arts Quarterly, American Art Collector, the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, International Artists Magazine, and the covers of American Artist and US Art. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in New York, Japan, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, and has exhibited at the Norman Rockwell Museum, the Museum of American Illustration, and the USGA Museum. Glenn’s oil paintings have been published on over 600 book covers. His portrait work is highly regarded, having won the Portrait Society of America’s Draper Grand Prize in 2007, its Honor Award in 2008 and 2005 during its international juried exhibitions. Harrington’s portrait of Maria Callas was used to promote the Tony Award-winning play Master Class. For more information on his works go to http://www.glennharrington.com/
SELF KNOWLEDGE SYMPOSIUM FOUNDATION is a nonprofit founded by August Turak in 1999. Turak established the Self Knowledge Symposium (SKS) Student Group in 1989 to help students “learn how to live a life of meaning and purpose.” From North Carolina State University, to Duke University, to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the SKS spread like wildfire. In 1999, the SKS incorporated the Self Knowledge Symposium Foundation (SKSF) as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational organization. 
MEPKIN ABBEY is a Trappist monastery located near Moncks Corner, SC at the junction of the two forks of the Cooper River northwest of Charleston. For more information go to https://augustturak.com/

Radio Fairfax 11/13/2018

Our guest today is Dr. Gerald Blumenthal a mechanical engineer, an industrial psychologist, Speaker, businessman  & the author of six books.

Over the past 35 years Gerry has been examining the handwriting of criminals.  In his latest book – SERIAL KILLERS-THEIR LIVES-THEIR CRIMES & THEIR HANDWRITING he describes the commonalities found in the handwriting of 34 serial killers.

Aside from idiosyncrasies found in their handwriting he also examined the childhoods of these killers. Contrary to many reports serial killers are not born to kill. In 99% of all cases he found that these serial killers had traumatic childhoods,- Divorce, adoption, and physical & sexual abuse. Bed-wetting, arson, petty theft and the killing of small animals were found in almost every case.

The most common observation was the so called – Felon’s Claw. This appears in almost every one of the 34 killers I examined. I also found the use of block capitals in the middle of cursive handwriting was a common factor.

In fact the case of Oba Chandler (murderer of a mother & her two daughters) is noteworthy because he used the felon’s claw & the block capitals in his handwriting. He was eventually caught after an alert police force in Tampa placed a sample of his handwriting on five billboards around the Tampa Bay area. For more information to book Dr. Gerald Blumenthal as a speaker or to purchase his books  go to www.drgeraldblumenthal.com

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Fairfax Radio 8/7/2018

Our guest today is Rev. Frank Stewart, Speaker, Teacher, Evangelist Minister.

Reverend Frank Stewart travels the country as an Evangelist preaching in Churches as well as participating in Revivals across the US. Today at 83 years old Frank is traveling the country spreading God’s word in every state. Rev. Stewart is a Retired Pastor of the Carthage Baptist Church is our religious minister for the PRO Group. Pastor Stewart was Pastor at the Carthage Baptist Church for 38 years. After retiring in 2000 the Lord asked Frank to go to India.

A call came in from a dear friend of Frank’s from India inviting him to preach and visit. After seeing that the Pastor needed a school, Frank came back to the States and raised the money to build a Missionary School. Not long after returning to the States Frank was again asked to return to India. He stayed on this occasion a month on this visit he saw then they desperately needed a church, so Frank returned and raised enough money to build a Church in Visakhapatnam, India. Reverend Stewart did not retire as his family thought he would as God called him again. This time, it was to build Evangelism in the United States with Revivals.

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