Christian Talk 1160 AM 05-20-2017

Allan Topol is  our first guest today he will be discussing his latest novel, “Washington Power Play” a bestselling author of novels of international intrigue.

He is a graduate of Carnegie Institute of Technology and obtained a law degree from Yale University. Topol is a partner in a major Washington law firm. His books include The Fourth of July War, A Woman of Valor, Conspiracy, Dark Ambition, Enemy of My Enemy, Spy Dance, and The China Gambit.

For more information go to or go to his website at

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Michael Moschel is the Founder and CEO of Symmetry Central. He is a published author, consultant and a leading expert in pain, postural problems and muscular imbalances. The Moschel Method is based on the concept of Tetrahedron Biomechanics, which is the systemic biomechanical interaction of the skeletal-muscular system. This methodology was incorporated into the development and manufacturing of Symmetry Central’s patented exercise machines.


The Sky PressCycle is an evolutionary exercise machine based on Tetrahedron Biomechanics which positions the muscular skeletal system in equilibrium and accounts for the natural compensation patterns of the body. The Sky PressCycle is designed to help safely recover from injury, efficiently build muscle, and promote proper alignment for a more effective way to train. Michael says that people suffer countless injuries because traditional exercise machines rely on leverage to build muscle which often causes muscular skeletal imbalances or dysfunction, that results in injuries and pain to the upper and lower extremities. Many of his clients suffered from injuries caused by misalignment so, he developed Sky PressCycle to effectively relieve their pain and postural problems and prevent future injuries. and

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