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Jaco Booyens is a native of South Africa and an American citizen. He is a diversified entrepreneur and is involved in several entities and industries. Jaco has a vast entertainment background with over twenty-five years of experience stretching across continents and cultures within the industry leading him to start After Eden Pictures (a film production studio) where he serves as President and CEO.


As the oldest brother of a sister who is a sex trafficking survivor Jaco turned abolitionist and produced and directed the feature film 8 DAYS (2014), which his wife wrote as a non-profit, volunteer film, inspired by actual events of sex trafficking within in the United States, Jaco launched red carpet events to screen the film, bring awareness and donate proceeds to local anti-trafficking organizations within the USA, South Africa, Europe and the Dominican Republic. Children were rescued, brothels were shut down and Jaco became a trusted voice in the anti sex trafficking community, and a voice to liberate women worldwide. He has appeared on local, national and international Television and Radio shows including Steve Harvey. Jaco actively fights against child sex trafficking in the USA and globally, giving aid and linking with agencies such as the TSA, FBI, Police departments, CIA, ICE and Homeland Security SRT.

Jaco is an international speaker and presenter on several humanitarian issues as well as serving on the non-profit boards of Traffick911 and SHAREtogether.

Jaco is a co-founder and Chairman of Eden Green Technology with the mission to feed the world and eradicate food deserts in the USA and abroad through a revolutionary vertical farming technology. Jaco has an educational background in Sports Medicine and had a professional athletic career in both South African Rugby and Canadian and American football.

Jaco’s mission is to promote life by transforming culture through uplifting entertainment. Believing many of society’s problems disappear when women are liberated, Jaco is working on his first book with his wife entitled: “It Starts With Women.” The book empowers women in the influence they have been given and commissions them to make a difference where they are at and in their callings. It also prepares the way for Jaco’s next Television and film projects with After Eden Pictures, which are focused on further promoting life, empowering women, addressing societal issues and transforming culture. Jaco resides in Dallas, TX with his wife Philipa and their two daughters.


Pastor 7 Dan Wells is the builder of the 7 Bridges To Recovery Mission in suburban Atlanta. Pastor 7 started out in life a mid-twentieth century apparition of a Dickensian street urchin, became a special warfare operator in Vietnam, returned to become a notorious free-agent biker crime figure, who found Jesus Christ in a solitary confinement cell in the U.S. federal prison system. For the past 20 years he has been a dedicated servant of God.

Today, his 7 Bridges To Recovery Mission has rescued, housed, fed and rehabilitated more than 5,000 lost souls over the past 18 years (350 men through a year’s discipleship, and 5,000 women and their children rescued and sheltered under a three-month program), all while serving 3,500 meals a month to the last, lost and least living under the bridges of Atlanta.

Learn more about 7 Bridges to Recovery Mission at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=dRT4yH8wkek

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