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Our first guest is Melissa Rosenberger, the path to attain one of the most sought-after and difficult to attain professional qualifications took 13 years of academic study and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet a decade later, she walked away from her career as a physician. And she didn’t know where she was going. She prayerfully responded to a call on her life to leave medicine and follow God wherever He would lead her. He led her to serve using her creative talents as a writer.


Her first novel, In the Shadow of the King, Book One in the Unveiled Series, releases in June. The series takes a look at the family of Jesus and the life of Christ, telling the story through the eyes of his sister. With careful attention to scripture and historic detail of life in first-century Israel, Rosenberger imagines what Jesus might have seemed like to his contemporaries, including his own family members. For more information about Rosenberger and her writing, visit https:/melissarosenbergerbooks.com/




Our next guest is Katie Ceclan, Senior Director of Marketing for Lay’s Potato Chips will discuss the new program that Lay’s Potato Chips created for their newest flavors and how each of the flavors was paired with their respective music genre to create the ultimate sensorial experience for customers. “Like flavor, music has the power to elicit strong emotions such as joy, passion and nostalgia,” said Katie Ceclan, senior director of marketing, Lay’s. “Those emotions can be heightened even further when you pair the right flavor and music together – and that’s exactly what we sought to do with the ‘Turn Up the Flavor’ program. As a brand that loves to delight our fans, we are excited to bring them two things they love – the uniquely delicious flavors of Lay’s and the incredible sound of Bebe Rexha. Our limited-time flavors paired with exclusive, new songs from Bebe each create a customized sensorial experience for our fans to taste, listen and enjoy.” The New flavors are: Electric Lime, Sea Salt and Lay’s Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese you will love them!!!

Lay’s partnered with Bebe’s Rexa’s role in bringing the flavor-meets-music experience to life the process behind creating the new, original song “Right Here, Right Now” and the three remixed versions with Bebe she will let fans know where music fans can go to unlock Bebe’s new music, along with music-themed prizes that are part of Lay’s new programs. By purchasing the limited-edition flavors and entering the on-pack code at www.LaysTurnUpTheFlavor.com, fans can download the new, exclusive custom music from Bebe Rexha and enter for the chance to win music-themed prizes such as Live Nation® Concert Cash® to use toward concert tickets.


H&R Block Senior Tax Advisor, Andrew Wagner  will share tax tips for last minute filers.If you’re one of the millions of taxpayers that will wait till the last minute to file their taxes this year, you’re not alone. The reasons for waiting are everything from not having the right paperwork together to the fear of owing. The reality is – April 15 is your tax deadline. The penalty for not filing a tax return is 10 times greater than the penalty for not paying in full.  Andrew Wagner has been doing individual and small business tax returns since 2008. He enjoys working with clients and learning their goals and concerns and connecting their life to taxes. Wagner has extensive experience with small business tax returns, multiple state income and working with clients across the globe.  For more information go to https://www.hrblock.com

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