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Our guest today is Richard Ferguson a retired business executive who once traveled the country visiting countless corporations and executives singing the praises of Hewlett Packard products. Today he is a full-time author, sounding the alarm of how liberal Democrats are attacking the United States from within. A popular guest on Talk Shows, Richard is a ‘go-to’ expert when it comes to any breaking political news having to do with moral values.  About Richard Ferguson’s latest book…


Christians Alert! Democrats are Attacking our Country: What Can We do About It?  By taking a look at our country from a Judeo-Christian viewpoint, Richard Ferguson reveals what happened in the past, what is happening right now and how Christians need to stand together to make a difference. The rhetoric that is put forth by the democrat party is magnified by the liberal media so that uninformed Americans believe what they are being told is the truth. Unfortunately, because of the liberal bias of the press, the truth is NOT what you see and hear on the news.

Christians Alert explores the details of the radical left Democrat party including their position on abortion, and how they ban together with the liberal media to attack the foundations of our beloved republic. Richard believes that the source of these attacks is demonic, and he examines the role of Satan in our world today and what his plan is for the destruction of God’s children. He also believes that the Democrat party the single largest clear and present danger to the existence of our country as we know it today!  Christians Alert explains all of this and describes what we as Christians can do about it! To order the book go to Amazon.com


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Our guest today is Dr. Ken Redcross, M.D., author of, “Bond: The 4 Cornerstones of a Lasting and Caring Relationship with Your Doctor”  today’s Topic: Room-by-Room Flu Prevention for Unwanted House-guests.
By January we will be in the worst part of flu season! The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention says it’s worried about a flu pandemic this season considering last season’s flu killed more children than any other non-pandemic year on record.

Dr. Ken Redcross, is a board-certified internal medicine physician and author of, “Bond: The 4 Cornerstones of a Lasting and Caring Relationship with Your Doctor,” says, if just one person in your household comes down with the flu, it can just take a few hours for it to spread to everyone.  In fact, it only takes one sick person’s cough to spread 2,000 virus-laden droplets into the air!

Having a strong immune system is key to protection and keeping it clean from the inside out, including your environmental surroundings, can make the difference in whether or not you will catch flu. Redcross says tackling influenza room-by-room in your home this season can keep those unwanted houseguests (aka: germs), from invading your space and lower your chances of getting sick this season and he will share with your audience what they can do to prevent the flu in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom (visuals include flu fighting foods, natural disinfectant and antibacterial wipes, one-use paper towels and bedding).  For more information go to  Dr. Ken Redcross at:
Website: www.drkenredcross.com
Twitter: @KenRedcrossMD
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KenRedcrossMD
Instagram: @DrKenRedcross

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Our first guest is author and blogger Kimberly Gauthier switched her dogs to a raw diet after trying a myriad of alternatives to help her sick dog.   Once doing so, she saw numerous changes in her dogs’ health.  So much so, that she dedicated her blog “Keep the Tail Wagging®” to this exact subject.  She also authored two books – one “A Novice’s Guide to Raw Feeding for Dogs” – available now, and another due for release this summer.

She says browse the aisles at your local pet store, and you might notice an increasing number of foods touted as having raw ingredients.  Raw diets have been growing in popularity as some consumers have become convinced of the purported benefits—from shinier coats and cleaner teeth, to a longer life.  Author and blogger, Kimberly Gauthier is one such person.




Lorilee Craker is the editor of Homespun:  Amish and Mennonite Women in Their Own Words. She describes herself as a simple Mennonite girl from the prairies and didn’t know there was anything “peculiar” about being Mennonite until she moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Chicago, Illinois for college. It was then that she realized most people outside of Mennonite communities assumed she had come from buggy-driving, bonnet-wearing, butter-churning folk. Everyone seemed to think that being Amish or Old Order Mennonite and being her kind of Mennonite were one and the same. The experience of explaining the differences led her to writing the book, Money Secrets of the Amish (an Audie Awards finalist which she also narrated)

A freelance journalist, blogger and speaker, Craker was an entertainment writer for The Grand Rapids Press for seventeen years.  She has been featured in many media outlets including The Wall Street JournalTime and People. She is the author of fifteen books, including Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter, and MeMy Journey to Heaven with Marv Besteman, and the New York Times bestseller Through the Story with Lynne Spears. The proud founder of a writing day camp for middle schoolers, Craker lives in Grand Rapids, MI with her husband and their three children. Learn more about Lorilee Craker online at lorileecraker.com. You can also find her on Facebook (@LorileeCraker)Twitter (@lorileecraker) and Instagram (@thebooksellersdaughter).

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