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Our guest today is Rabbi Stephen Baars, has spoken all over the world, from the United States Senate to the famous Los Angeles Improv. Rabbi Baars will be discussing his new book WIN: Change Your Thinking Change Your Destiny (Wellstone Press; May 2018). According to Rabbi Baars, what the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, Warren Buffet, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Jane Austin and Steve Jobs all had in common was that they pursued incredible goals, they suffered formidable failures and they had to bear overwhelming obstacles. And they all figured out how to become successful!


WIN explains the techniques that these successful people employed to overcome obstacles and achieve success that anyone can implement by simply changing their thinking.

“Winners don’t have more stamina or built-in genius,” says Rabbi Baars; “they have just learned how to think in ways that get them the results they want.”

He is a regular speaker at the Fortune Magazine Summits and the author of many books, including BLISS: The Marriage and Parenting Book, as well as the creator of the highly popular motivational seminar: Think Like a Winner. Rabbi Baars and his wife, Ruth, live in DC. They are blessed with seven children. He is known for imparting important ideas with creativity and humor, as you will see on his websites:www.getbliss.com  and www.core9.live.

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