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Bill Johnson has performed his tribute to the late, great Bob Hope across the U.S, and the South Pacific to rave reviews. Bill first appeared at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans for the premiere of “Beyond All Boundaries” in the Solomon Victory Theater. Bill was honored to introduce retired NBC-TV broadcast journalist Tom Brokaw, and perform a brief moment of comedy with the film’s Executive Producer, Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks.

Bill also appears frequently at BB’s Stage Door Canteen, starring as Mr. Hope in the Museum’s production of “Thanks For the Memories: Bob Hope and his All Star Pacific Tour,” along with “On the Road With Bob Hope and Friends, “ which was underwritten by the Bob and Dolores Hope Foundation.

Other notable appearances include Hosting the Les Brown Jazz Festival alongside Les Brown, Jr., the USO Ft. Hood Salute to Las Vegas- with a special appearance by the legendary Wayne Newton, and  USO Tribute Cincinnati- featuring Miss America 2016, Betty Cantrell.

Some of the clients and sponsors Bill has proudly appeared for include Maryland Public Television (at “LZ Maryland” with former Dean Martin Golddigger, Michelle Dellafave), the Bob Hope USO in Palm Springs, USO Metro-Baltimore, USO Central and Southern Ohio, USO Hampton Roads, USO Northwest, and USO Guam & Tokyo. Corporate clients have included Michelin Tires, Staples, American Express, US Tours, and Amway Achievers (aboard the USS Midway). Bill has also forged his niche on stage, screen, and television as a dependable character actor.

Through the years, Bill has been “murdered” on CSI, portrayed Michael Imperioli’s banker in High Roller: The Stu Unger Story, as well as, roles in films such as Ocean’s 11, Scare Tactics, Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular, Three Days to Vegas starring Peter Falk, and Trick Shot- the first film shot with the Canon 4K C300 MII camera. He recently appeared in the series finale of Dice- “The Trial”- where he played John Quincy Adams opposite Andrew Dice Clay as Pres. James Monroe.

William Patrick Johnson,  Bob Hope Impersonator  www.GigSalad.com/williampatrickjohnson   www.BillJohnsonentertainment.com


Our second guest today is Andrew Green, with 25 years of experience as both an attorney and Certified Public Accountant.  Mr. Green is an Associate Attorney with the Eppley Legal Group. He has represented hundreds of clients in state/federal court as trial counsel in both criminal and civil cases as well as active in family law courts.

Andrew W. Green believes estate planning should be at the top of everyone’s to-do list.  The legacy we leave behind will provide comfort as well as peace of mind to the ones who matter most, our family. This is the topic Mr. Green will be discussing.  We want to welcome the Eppley Legal Group as our new Sponsors and Experts as Attorney’s Of Law for Let’s Just Talk. For more information go to www.https://eppleylegalgroup.com

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 Our guest is Kerry Wallum our Movie and TV Expert, and  Producer, Director, Actor, ans Writer. Kerry grew up riding bulls and roping calves in the rodeo until he was bitten by the acting bug.  


With more than 60 films under his belt, he has acted and been a stuntman in some of the great movies including The Yearling(writers Majorie Kinnan Rawlings and Joe Wiesenfeld and director Rod Hardy), The Postman (writers David Brin, Eric Roth and Brian Helgeland and director Kevin Costner), and The Crow . Examples of some of the films are a Turn in the Sun, Nieman, Rum Runners and many others.


Kerry discusses on our show today  the TV Series “Thee Redneck Getaway Tour De Force” and a Cowboy’s Song his latest TV shows . He also talks about his other projects from the films that his partner, David Von Roehm and he have created over the last few years and how Films are created from start to finish.  For more information go to Luck Films You tube. Also the Trailers on You tube of Nieman and Turn in the Sun.

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Our guests today are our expert in film and TV, Kerry Wallum, Actor, Producer,  director and former Hollywood stunt man.  He is joined today with  Elle Jewell and Ashley Yeates they discuss the new TV Series A Cowboys’s Song.




The producer joining Kerry are his co-creator Elle Jewell that worked with Kerry to create A Cowboy’s Song. Elle Jewell is director, producer, actress for A Cowboy’s Song,  and her newest is Grob coming out 2019.



Ashley Yeates is an actress and performer and Host of the new TV show A Cowboy’s Song.  The Cowboy’s Song is a contest that has each country artist gets a one-liner in an envelope from the producers of the show. They then have one week to write a song including that one-liner. They then record the song and perform it for a live audience.  Featuring  Jesse HugginsKelly KenningAshley Yeates.