Syndicated Radio Stations Days, Times, and Networks

Kathryn’s radio broadcast of Let’s Just Talk! is featured on the following stations live. She may also be heard on a variety of online broadcasts including, iHeart Radio, Spotify, etc.


WCVG – Cincinnati “The Voice” 1320AM Noon ET


Fairfax Public Access Radio Drive Time on Channel 37 8:00 AM ET


WDZY – Richmond, VA 1290AM or 103.3FM 1:30 PM ET


WELP – Greenville, SC 1360AM & 104.3FM 7:30 PM ET
W4CY – Internet Radio at 2:00 PM ET


KCNW – Kansas City 1380AM & 96.1FM 1:00 PM CT


KKIM – Albuquerque, NM 1000AM 11:00 AM MT
WWNL – Pittsburgh, PA 1080AM and 103.9FM 12:30 PM ET
KWDF – Alexandria, LA 840AM or 99.7FM 5 PM CT
WBRI – Indianapolis, IN 1500 AM or 96.7 FM 5:30 PM


W4VET – Internet Radio 9:00 PM ET

Lastly, you can always listen to Kathryn’s show on the Let’s Just talk!  App for iPhone and iPad. Stations are also available on iHeartRadio, Spotify, and other streaming applications. Click on the link to download it today.

WCVG Radio KKIM Radio 1000 AM in Albuquerque WDZY-103.3 FM Richmond, VA WELP-104.3FM-Greenville, SC WWNL-103.9FM-Pittsburg, PA KCNW-96.1FM-Kansas City KWDF-99.7FM Alexandria, LA W4CY Internet Talk Radio
Fairfax Public Radio channel 37 WDZY-1290AM Richmond, VA WWNL-1080AM-Pittsburg, PA KCNW-1380AM-Kansas City KWDF-840AM-Alexandria, LA W4VET Internet Talk Radio