Radio Stations and Air Times

Kathryn’s radio broadcast of Let’s Just Talk! is featured on the following stations live. She may also be heard on a variety of online broadcasts including, iHeart Radio, Spotify, etc.

  • WVFR on Monday’s at 11:15 AM ET
  • WCVG 1320AM “The Voice” Monday’s at noon
  • Fairfax Public Access (FPA) Radio on Tuesdays at 8:00 AM ET (Drive Time on Channel 37)
  • Wilkins Radio Networks:
    • Thursday’s at 4:30 PM on Kansas City’s KCNW 1380AM and KCNW 96.1FM and at 7:30 PM on Greenville, SC WELP 1360AM and WELP 104.3FM;
    • Saturday’s at 12:30 PM on Pittsburgh, PA WWNL 1080AM and 103.9FM and at 1:30 PM on Richmond, VA on WDZY 1290AM and WDZY 103.3FM, at 5:00 PM on Alexandria, LA KWDF 840AM and KWDF 99.7FM, and at 5:30 PM on Indianapolis, IN on WBRI 1500 AM and WBRI 96.7 FM.
  • Additionally, Kathryn is on W4CY Internet Radio at 2:00 PM Eastern Time on Thursday’s and W4VET at 9:00 PM on Sunday’s. These stations offer worldwide Internet coverage.
  • Lastly, you can always listen to Kathryn’s show on the Let’s Just talk!  App for iPhone and iPad.
WVRF-Radio WCVG Radio WDZY-103.3 FM Richmond, VA WELP-104.3FM-Greenville, SC WWNL-103.9FM-Pittsburg, PA KCNW-96.1FM-Kansas City KWDF-99.7FM Alexandria, LA W4CY Internet Talk Radio
Fairfax Public Radio channel 37   WDZY-1290AM Richmond, VA WWNL-1080AM-Pittsburg, PA KCNW-1380AM-Kansas City KWDF-840AM-Alexandria, LA W4VET Internet Talk Radio