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Jordin Sparks Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum recording artist, actress, and sickle cell disease (SCD) advocate. Jordin, has been at the forefront of the “Generation S” movement – a national sickle cell storytelling project designed to encourage the SCD community to break their silence about the impact and burden of the disease. “Generation S” showcases stories that have gone untold until now.

Sparks shares her story of losing her 16-year-old stepsister, Bryanna, to SCD and continues to encourage others to share their stories with the world.to discuss the “Generation S” PSA and her experience with the storytellers as they worked together to shine a light on how the disease can suddenly disrupt the lives of patients and their loved ones. She will also discuss the hundreds of other stories that are featured in a beautiful mosaic on the JoinGenS.com website. A mobile version of the mosaic is traveling around the country throughout the year to help raise awareness. For more information go to JoinGENS.com


Our next guest is  Andrea Smith Award Winning Technology Reporter, Andrea is one of the first woman journalists covering technology. Andrea has reported on technology and social media and the impact both have on people and society for broadcast, print and digital outlets since before Jeff Bezos launched Amazon.com. She has been an on-air Technology contributor to GMA, WABC TV, ABC News Digital, Huffington Post, CNBC, World News Now, Mashable and more. Andrea will be revealing the latest Must have Gadgets and Devices for this Fall. For more information go to https://andreasmith.org



Dr. Stuart Hoffman, Scientific Program Manager, Office of Research & Development, Department of Veterans Affairs. Dr. Hoffman will discuss the results of recent research conducted by the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, how Veterans may be more heavily affected than others, and what course of treatment is available. it is an important time to understand the common causes and symptoms of traumatic brain injury. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) define a traumatic brain injury as ‘a disruption to the normal function of the brain…’. Veterans and service members, however, may have additional factors that contribute to this such as exposures to a blast from either combat or from training. For more information please visit www.research.va.gov

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