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John Fund, National Affairs Reporter with National Review, will discuss his the privacy issues surrounding big tech companies. Given the fact that Mark Zuckerberg was in Washington recently on Congressional hearings related to a number of issues, will want to have  guidance with regards to what this all means for their personal data and privacy. John will also talk about other privacy issues that Congress is currently overlooking. Specifically he can discuss how Ring (owned by Amazon) and Nest (owned by Google) and the security systems these smart device makers have recently released to consumers threaten to feed yet more information back to the Google/Amazon/Apple/Facebook data machine and to discuss the tough and necessary questions about privacy and civil liberties that we should consider when bringing these devices into our homes. Op-Ed Link: https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/07/smart-home-devices-privacy-civil-liberty-concerns/

Jeremy Johnston is fighting to keep YouTube Family Friendly content.  Jeremy has a meeting in DC on Nov. 13th with the FTC Commissioner. They want to create more government regulation,&  more severe penalties for people like Jeremy who make a living off their YouTube Channel.

Jeremy has over 2 Million Subscribers and over 2 Billion Views and would love to talk to you about what’s happening with YouTube and how it pertains to what your children, and your audience’s children, are watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrGUAKJyq7Y

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