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Our guest Ijeoma Iruke Consumer Education Specialist will discuss FSAstore.com. It’s that time of year again–holidays are in full swing and the new year is quickly approaching.  But there is one more piece of business to tend too.  Utilizing your flexible spending account (FSA).  An FSA is like a personal health fund where employees can put aside a portion of their income tax-free to save on thousands of eligible health & wellness expenses. Most FSA holders have a deadline on 12/31 annually.  Customers who shop with an FSA card don’t have to submit paper claims for reimbursement and you can use an FSA card to auto-approve purchases until 12am PST on Jan 1st.


Dr. Marcia Brose, MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist and Associate Professor of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania discussing the how Genomic Testing is changing the way doctors look at Cancer. The doctor will discuss Information about TRK fusion cancer. Cancer Awareness Months bring our attention to specific tumor types, but new advances in oncology are paving the way toward a new understanding of cancer – focusing on genomic alterations that drive cancer growth, rather than where it appears in the body.


Nichol Miller, TRK Fusion Cancer Patient will discuss her personal diagnosis and cancer journey.  Nichol Miller, a 45-year-old mother of three from Portland, Oregon, woke up one day and discovered a large knot in her leg. She went for a CT scan and was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma. After being treated with chemotherapy, it was clear that it was not working, and the tumor had grown. Nichol had surgery to remove the tumor in her leg — but soon thereafter, a new CT scan showed the cancer had spread to her lungs. When Nichol was diagnosed, her doctor had ordered genomic testing on the tumor. Her doctor re-examined the results and found that her tumor tested positive for a genomic alteration that may be responsible for the growth and spread of tumors.


Our next guest is Cindy Baier, President and CEO of Brookdale Senior Living.  She will share practical tips, resources, and her own personal experience of looking for signs that an aging parent may need assistance. Cindy will offer a downloadable checklist for adult children to use this holiday season, and offer advice on starting the senior living conversation with any and all family members. For more information go to newsroom.brookdale.com


Our last guest is Dan Klein, President and CEO of The Pan Foundation. The PAN Foundation is the largest independent charitable organization dedicated to helping people afford out-of-pocket costs for prescribed medical treatments and prescription medications. The inability to pay for essential medical care is not just a significant problem for the uninsured, but also for people who have health insurance. And it’s getting worse. Dan previously served as Senior Vice President for the Cystic Fibrosis Services specialty pharmacy and then as Senior Vice President for Patient Access Programs at the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Foundation. For more information go to panfoundation.org

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