Fairfax Radio 10/16/2018

Our guests today are our expert in film and TV, Kerry Wallum, Actor, Producer,  director and former Hollywood stunt man.  He is joined today with  Elle Jewell and Ashley Yeates they discuss the new TV Series A Cowboys’s Song.




The producer joining Kerry are his co-creator Elle Jewell that worked with Kerry to create A Cowboy’s Song. Elle Jewell is director, producer, actress for A Cowboy’s Song,  and her newest is Grob coming out 2019.



Ashley Yeates is an actress and performer and Host of the new TV show A Cowboy’s Song.  The Cowboy’s Song is a contest that has each country artist gets a one-liner in an envelope from the producers of the show. They then have one week to write a song including that one-liner. They then record the song and perform it for a live audience.  Featuring  Jesse HugginsKelly KenningAshley Yeates.

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