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Jason Day is a professional golfer, member of the PGA Tour and a former No. 1 golfer in the world. Jason’s mom, Dening, sacrificed to help her son achieve his dreams, never giving up. So, when Dening was diagnosed with Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer, it was so devastating that Jason almost quit golfing – his passion since childhood. But, like his mom who did not give up on her son, Day followed her example, making sure she received a full lung cancer diagnosis, complete with biomarker and mutation testing to help direct her treatment. Dening is now living with lung cancer.

Jason is now part of an initiative launching called the Test It Back campaign, encouraging patients newly diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer to ensure they receive a full diagnosis, inclusive of biomarker testing,



Joining Jason today is Dr. Nicholas Rohs  a board certified medical oncologist who specializes in treatment of lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies.  He is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology at Mount Sinai Hospital.  He graduated with honors from New York Medical College where he was the chapter President of the Gold Humanism Honor Society.  He then went on to complete both his medical residency and clinical fellowship in Hematology and Medical Oncology at Mount Sinai Beth Israel.  He is affiliated with multiple hospitals including Mount Sinai Hospital, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Mount Sinai West, and Mount Sinai St. Luke’s.   Dr. Rohs enjoys a busy clinic practice as well as actively participating in medical education and community outreach.   He is co-chair of two thoracic tumor boards, a Cancer Liaison Physician for the Committee on Cancer, and participates in multiple different clinical trials.  His research interests include targeted therapies, immunotherapy, liquid biopsies, and lung cancer screening.


Our next guests today are Dr. Julie Philley, The University of Texas Health, and Philip Leitman, President, NTM Info and Research, Inc. (NTMir).  Dr. Philley and Philip Leitman will be educating us on NTM lung. To spotlight this serious and often overlooked condition, Dr. Julie Philley, The University of Texas Health, and Philip Leitman, President, NTM Info and Research, Inc. (NTMir), will share their experiences with, and perspectives on, NTM lung disease. Dr. Philley and Philip Leitman will be educating your viewers on NTM lung.Winter may trigger peak cold and flu season, but symptoms, such as coughing and fatigue, could be a sign of something else.


Our next guest is Actress Whitney Port – one of the popular stars of a reality TV series  returns to the small screen this summer… and behind the scenes, she’s keeping busy as the mom of an active toddler son. Whitney’will discuss her career, motherhood, and to debunk a common first aid myth just in time for summer.


Joining Whitney  is pediatrician, Dr. Natasha Burgert.  Natasha Burgert, MD, FAAP received her medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and completed pediatric residency at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. She now calls Kansas City, MO home, working as an innovative general pediatrician while serving as a National Spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics and a member of the AAP’s Council of Communications and Media.  For more information on keeping your kids healthy during the summer go to FirstAidMyths.com


Our last guests are Lee Abbamonte: Travel Expert, Youngest American to Visit Every Country in the World Plus the North and South Poles and joining him is Lee Abbamonte is a travel expert, writer, entrepreneur, foodie, and global adventurer Global travel expert Lee Abbamonte, the youngest American to visit every country in the world as well as the North and South poles, and John Sellers, Bank of America Preferred Rewards Executive, will discuss summer travel tips.

Lee Abbamonte is a travel expert, writer, entrepreneur, foodie, and global adventurer. Known as “the Marco Polo of the 21st century,” Abbamonte is the youngest person to visit every country, plus the North and South Poles. A frequent contributor and on-air personality, Abbamonte has appeared in numerous interviews on Bloomberg TV, CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and the Travel Channel and has been featured in articles in top publications, including the Chicago Tribune, Conde Nast Traveler, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and countless others.



As the Bank of America executive in charge of Rewards, John Sellers oversees all rewards programs; including consumer and small business reward programs and credit card rewards redemption. Prior to his current role, he led work in other product areas at Bank of America including Auto Lending, Merrill Edge and Credit Card. John is the architect of the award-winning Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card and led the effort to bring Chip technology to all Bank of America cards




Fairfax RadioChannel 36 06/ 11/ 2019

Ashley Byrne, Associate director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). While in the supermarket, we’ve all seen the terms “humane” and “free range” on egg cartons, but what do those terms really mean? According to a recent class-action lawsuit filed by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA,) consumers are being misled into buying eggs sold under Pete and Gerry’s Nellie’s Free-Range Eggs label. The suit claims that labels such as “cage-free,” “free-range,” and “organic” were designed to deceive well-intentioned people into thinking that they’re making kind choices when in fact they were being duped into taking home the very products of crowding and misery that they paid higher prices to avoid. For more information please visit www.peta.org



Our next guest is Dr. Robert Leonard, 28-year veteran to hair restoration surgery, Dr. Robert Leonard is a highly experienced physician and expert in New England. He is certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and the American Osteopathic Board of Family Practice. Currently, Dr. Leonard is Founder and Chief Surgeon of Leonard Hair Transplants and Associates in Boston, Massachusetts.  Dr. Leonard discusses Causes, Concerns, and Reaching the Root of the Problem Treatments For Hair Loss.


A lead researcher in hair loss, Capillus, serves to provide useful insight and helpful information to the millions of men and women losing hair. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of world-renowned physicians and scholars, Capillus has created a new laser hair growth therapy cap. Capillus laser therapy is a physician-recommended, FDA-cleared treatment for androgenetic alopecia that is clinically proven to prevent the progression of hair loss and regrow thinning hair. For More information go to their Website: capillus.com



Our next guest is Dr. Cara James – Director of the Office of Minority Health at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). National Infant Immunization Week, was April 27 – May 4, 2019, is an annual observance highlighting the importance of protecting children from vaccine-preventable diseases through vaccination. Children, especially infants, are among the most vulnerable populations when it comes to measles, whooping cough, polio and other highly contagious diseases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, measles is so contagious that if one person has it, up to 90% of the people close to that person who are not immune will also become infected. Medicaid and CHIP provide health insurance for children in families with low and moderate incomes (up to nearly $50,000 for a family of 4, or even higher in some states). Many uninsured children may be eligible for coverage, but their parents don’t know it. Families can apply for Medicaid and CHIP coverage any time of the year, but now is the perfect time to enroll to ensure children are ready to participate in summer activities like camp and sports! To get more information, call 1-877-KIDS-NOW (1-877-543-7669) or visit Find Coverage for Your Family on InsureKidsNow.gov



Dr. Stephen Kingsmore, President and CEOP of Radio Children’s Institute of Genomic Medicine, and world record holder, Dr. Stephen Kingsmore, will  discuss why genomic testing gives hope to patients around the world, something just one in five Americans know to be true. Genomics (JEN–O–MICKS) – the study of genes and what they do – is helping to solve some of the most challenging problems from diagnosing rare disease in infants and children to creating a sustainable supply of food. Today’s is national DNA day (only for interviews airing 4/25) and despite the advancements being made by this transformational technology, more than half (54%) of Americans say they are unfamiliar with genomics testing, according to a new survey.



Dr. Terri Gleason, Director, Clinical Science Research and Development, Department of Veterans Affairs. Dr. Gleason discusses: Bridging the Gap for Veterans
VA Medical Centers Nationwide Celebrate Veterans and their Participation in Cutting Edge Research. VA Research Week gives VA Medical Centers an opportunity to showcase the numerous achievements of VA researchers and the role they play in providing high quality care for Veterans and advancing medical science. Creative displays, staff interactions, and informative seminars help educate Veterans and their families, our elected representatives, and others about VA research and its impact on treating and preventing disease and disability, not only for Veterans, but all Americans. For more information please visit: www.research.va.gov

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Kyle Anderson, Principal in Client Strategies – Edward Jones, he will discuss ” Saving for College” he will offer tips on saving for your children’s education and learn more about 529 college savings plans.

Kyle Andersen serves as a principal in Client Strategies Group with responsibility for Managed Investments, which includes mutual funds, exchange traded funds, separately managed accounts, unit trusts and 529 Plans. Before assuming this role in 2017, he led Area 7 within Branch and Region Development, working with branch leadership teams located predominately throughout the upper Midwest.  For more information please visit www.edwardjones.com



Our next  guest is James C. Greenwood, President and CEO of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization. The BIO International Convention, the world’s premier life sciences event, will return to Philadelphia, PA, on June 3-6 and is expected to attract more than 16,000 attendees and 1,800 exhibitors from 67 countries —a record-setting representation of international companies. The theme of this year’s BIO International Convention is “It Starts with One.” Many of the greatest history-making breakthroughs started with one patient, one discovery, one meeting, one idea, one question, one ”a-ha” moment. Jim Greenwood, president and CEO of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), will be available for radio interviews on Tuesday, May 14 to discuss the state of the biotech industry and highlights from the upcoming BIO International Convention taking place June 3-6 in Philadelphia. Greenwood is available to discuss trending biotech issues, such as genome editing, opioids, personalized medicine and public policy, as well as current industry challenges, recent biotech breakthroughs, and opportunities for innovation across the biotech industry. For more information please visit: www.convention.bio.org 



Our last guest is AJ Barkley, SVP, Neighborhood Lending Executive, Consumer Lending at Bank of America. She will discuss the 2019 Homebuyer Insights Report . The report found that the youngest generation of homebuyers is not dragging their feet, as nearly 60 percent of prospective Gen Z homebuyers between the ages of 18 and 23 want to buy within the next five years, meaning they would own a home before the age of 30. In fact, more than half have already started saving, showing their commitment to this goal, and 71 percent say they know what they want in a home.

AJ Barkley is the Neighborhood Lending Executive for Bank of America, responsible for identifying opportunities to drive successful homeownership among low-to moderate-income borrowers, underserved communities, and multicultural borrowers across the economic spectrum. For more information go to Consumer Lending at Bank America.