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Our guest today is Dr. Janice Hollis, CEO of The Hollis Media Group which consists of media, publishing and management divisions. The company provides a plethora of professional services.  Dr. Hollis authored seven books: “Life is Positively Astounding,” “The Epic Journey… Barack Obama” “The Warrior Within,” “Personal Management: It Matters,” “The Presidential Dialogue: the conversation of the century,” “7 Things Every Woman Should Know” And the latest releases “The Eye of Gold,” “Get Off My Cloud (motivational CD),” “Janice’s passion for life and impacting the world has been captured on several stages as a writer, singer, political consultant, spiritual leader and businesswoman.

Her life is devoted to public service and creating and implementing change that cultivates wholeness and forward thinking. She currently resides in Wyndmoor, PA and seasonally in Ocala, FL. Academic Achievements: BA, M.Div., PhD, Certification in Family Counseling, Certificate in Journalism, Continuing Education Certificate in Abstinence Education: Integrating Practice, Science and Policy


Robert Ellis Silberstein is an American music executive and businessman. During his career, he managed many musicians, including Billy Preston, Diana Ross, Rufus, the Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood, Meat Loaf and Status Quo.

Janice  and Robert want you to join them on this important Charitable Project.  Here is the information.:


GOAL 15, 000 Thermal Giveaway before Christmas
2 for 1 (Buy one give one to Charity)

The Nation’s Sleep Out is a marathon event where Americans are committing 1 Day to show solidarity as we recognize the plight of displaced individuals and families whom society see as FACELESS, and are without shelter . . . Collectively we are giving HOPE!  HOW TO PARTICIPATE? Attend a public event or host a small family and friends segment; video tape it and submit for consideration to be included in the documentary FACELESS. OBJECTIVES: #1 To raise AWARENESS about the rising number of homeless people by state #2 To provide 15,000 PAIRS OF THERMALS (leading up to Christmas) #3 Fund Raise for selected local charities in cities registered to the Nation’s Sleep Out,  WHO WE ARE: A consortium of nonprofit organizations, business leaders, clergy, students, and concerned citizens. FOR MORE INFO… https://www.nationsleepout.us

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Phil and Beth Bruns are Authors and seminar leaders the book Launch Your Life: Creating a Life in Service of God, was just released. It is full of practical advice and encouragement from their own experience and from the Bible.  The Bruns walk young adults through the steps of dreaming, then working to achieve their life and career goals, understanding that God wants to be involved and will be glorified by their excellence and character all of their lives — at work as well as in ministry activities.hey bring professional and faith credentials to their teaching and ministry — she’s an officer of a Fortune 500 company, he’s a successful businessman – and with 30 years of career planning experience. Today they will discuss their new book  Launch Your Life: Creating a Life in Service of God.


 The Launch Your Life Action Planner will release in early 2020, with other books in development. After experiencing both their own career challenges and successes, and then raising and launching four daughters, Philip and Elizabeth Bruns realized they developed some personal expertise that could help others high school and college students and graduates with career planning and life transitions.

They created some training sessions on the topics of building a strong foundation in God, embracing God given gifts and talents, and formulating a strategy to approach job searching and career building.  They gave their seminars at their church and then to broader audiences and began to catch a vision for a new ministry that would help people at different life stages to achieve their God-given potential.

“This book is about you. It’s about your value to God, your dreams to soar and be used by God, and your making an intentional plan toward seeing those dreams come true,” they write. “It is about growing in your faith and giving you a springboard to launch your life so you can be the best engineer, designer, public relations person, or medical person you can be.” The couple provides practical tools, introducing a planning concept called IPA – Intention, Planning, and Action.  They also develop the idea of considering yourself as a brand, with unique character and personality traits to be further honed and developed. Please visit www.launchmini.com, or find them on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube at Launch Mini.

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Our guest today is Dr. Ted Broer an international leading health and nutrition expert.  Today he will discuss the 10 Foods Not Eat, many of which are part of the Standard American Diet (SAD). 

Dr. Broer did extensive graduate and post graduate studies in the field of nutrition, biochemistry, and Naturopathy. His education includes an undergraduate degree in biological science and chemistry from Florida state university. He has also completed a second undergraduate degree from FSU in psychology and exercise physiology, a masters degree in Business Administration from FSU and received an honorary Doctorate from Southeastern University.

Ted founded his company in 1981. He became a licensed nutritionist in the 80’s. He has worked with thousands of clients on a individual basis. The author has had three decades of experience in the health care field. He has appeared as a guest on over 1000 television and radio stations and has been featured regularly on nationally syndicated shows. He is a popular seminar speaker and has regularly shared the platform with such notables as Pastor Rob Parsley, Herman Bailey, TD Jakes, Carl Lewis , former President George Bush, Barbara Bush, President Gerald Ford, Paul Harvey, Larry King, Secretary Of State Colin Powell, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Zig Ziglar, Elizabeth Dole, Naomi Judd, Bill Cosby, Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Evander Holyfield, Larry Bird, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz and many others. During the past three decades he has been privileged to speak to over one million people at live seminars and millions more via radio and television. For more information go to his website at  https://healthmasters.com/


Our last guest is NICB Public Affairs Director Frank Scafidi will talk about the top 5 insurance fraud scams and how the NICB is fighting the criminals who commit them. He will also share tips on how to be on the lookout for scams and how you can protect yourself. Some of the top insurance fraud schemes include: Staged Auto Accidents; Roofing Fraud;  Towing Scams; Auto Glass Fraud For more information go to :https://www.nicb.org/how-we-help/public-awareness

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