W4CY 8/13/2020 & W4VET 8/16/2020

Our first guest is Amir Nathoo the  CEO of Outschool, a marketplace for live online classes for K-12 learners. Today he will discuss Learning in the New Online Education World .

Mr. Nathoo led the development of Square Payroll and also served as CEO and co-founder of Trigger.io. He holds an MEng in Electrical and Information Sciences from The University of Cambridge. Amir is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur, has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Inc., Fast Company and Forbes and has been on Bloomberg and Cheddar TV. For more information visit: :  OUTSCHOOL.COM


Our second guest today is Ed Spitaletta the President & Chief Executive Officer of StoreMaxx Inc., a manufacturing company and brand marketer of the Snap Pak brand of food storage container products. Prior to graduation, Ed began his experience in the grocery business working for Enterprise Marketing, a New York Metro based sales agency.  After graduation, he continued his employment at Enterprise Marketing on a full-time basis, first calling on major retailers in the New York market.

Ed began his merchandising career as the founder of Shelf Tech Inc., a regional marketing and merchandising Company.  Shelf Tech, in 1987, was a pioneering innovation as the 1st retail merchandising company in existence in the New York area. Ed sold his interests in Shelf Tech in 2006 to start StoreMaxx Inc., a manufacturing company in the consumer packaged goods industry.

Ed is also the co-inventor of the “CLIP STRIP.”  Clip Strip is a merchandising display tool used by retailers worldwide.  A rather simple invention, Clip Strip is similar to the potato chip clips you invariably will find in taverns and restaurants, a display vehicle used to create impulse sales utilizing what was otherwise “dead” space while creating secondary locations for promotional and “in-line” product lines.

Snap Pac is the The Original Meal Prep Container, Made in North America, BPA Free & FDA Approved Food Safe For your family. Look online for Ed’s newest product is Hot Box. For more information go to https://snappakusa.com/.

WDZY 1290AM and WDZY 103.3FM 8:00AM 8/12/2020

Our guest today is Michael Bluemling Jr., a patriot, father, veteran, advocate, author, TV co-host, and former candidate for U.S. Congress in Florida District 21.  Having served our great country in the United States Army, as a Sergeant during the Kosovo campaign and America’s war on terrorism, Michael chose to serve those who fought for America when he became a civilian again. Discharged with honor, Michael worked for the Department of Labor and Department of Veteran Affairs, a fierce advocate for our veterans and their families, fighting for their present and future.

In 2013, Michael Founded Power of One, a veteran-owned coaching service to help veterans and people in transition, which was highlighted in U.S. Veterans Magazine in the November 2013 issue, as well as in DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Magazine in the issue of July/August of 2014. He closed Power of One in December 2016. He also worked for the state of Virginia, leading the Virginia Values Veterans Program, helping to create over 30,000 jobs for veterans inline with the governor’s initiative. Michael was also the previous host of the Podcast, Live with Michael Bluemling Jr. and the radio show host, with Chauncey Brown III, of “The Michael and Chauncey Show” on BlogTalkRadio until April 2020. In July 2020, Veteran Nation with The SGT and Skipper started on New Right Network, where Michael is a Co-Host.  For more information go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelbluemlingjr/


Fairfax Channel 37 8/11/2020 8:00 AM ET

Lawrence Allen is the author of 4 books, including “Tree of Liberty: Trilogy,”Tree of Liberty One Family, Two Generations, Three  Revolutions Against Tyranny. He also  speaks on topics of the day and recently produced an 8-part series called “The History You don’t Know,” that shows the parallels between China’s Communist Era & the Modern American Left who are causing havoc in our country today. A 20-year veteran of living and working in China, Allen’s insights come from first-hand accounts from the people who lived through China’s Absolute Socialist Era (1949-1978). He makes a clear and compelling case that the American Left are planning on taking us down the exact same path. For more information visit Tree of Liberty USA


Dr. Angela Stoehr, an OB/GYN, is our guest today she will discuss a new initiative called Unlock Your X-Factor that is developed to empower patients to raise their expectations for what is possible when recovering after surgery by asking for, and using non-opioids. She will share how using non-opioids has positively impacted her patient’s recovery. Dr. Stoehr is an obstetrician-gynecologist specializing in women’s reproductive tract, pregnancy and childbirth at Nurture Women’s Health in Frisco, Texas. Always eager to contribute to the greater good in the public health sector, Dr. Stoehr has participated in medical missions around the globe to different countries. For more information go to their website at:www.yourxfactor.com


Our guest on this 3rd segment are Denise Yardley, MD, Senior Investigator, Breast Cancer Research Program, Sarah Cannon Research Institute at Tennessee Oncology. She  will be discussing : The Positive News that Continues to Emerge for Advanced Breast Cancer Patients.  Approximately 155,000 individuals in the US living are living with metastatic breast cancer. Up to 11% of new breast cancer cases are initially stage IV or metastatic. Nearly 30% of women initially diagnosed with early-stage disease will ultimately develop metastatic lesions, often months or even years later. As of 2017, in the United States, nearly 1 in 7 women with metastatic BC were younger than 50. For more information go to : Novartis.com or PLWC.org or Cancercare.org