Fairfax May 14, 2019

Our guests today are here to talk about a topic that has two equally compelling but different angles. One side relates to medical technology and its blessings as well as its unintended consequences. The other side: welcoming a baby into a family. The topic is embryo adoption. Intrigued? Our guests today are  Kimberly Tyson, Executive Director of Snowflakes® Embryo Adoptions, a division of Nightlight® Christian Adoptions. For more information go to https://www.nightlight.org/


Our guest along with Kimberly Tyson is Nate Birt, an adoptive father and the author of a new book that outlines his family’s experience with embryo adoption.

Nate Birt and his wife, Julie, hoped they might be blessed  with four children. And those blessings started coming along. Almost 10 years and three small boys later, Nate says he brought up the subject of baby number four only to discover his wife had another idea. And thus began their journey that culminated in the birth of their daughter Phoebe, who was placed with their family through embryo adoption with the help of the Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption Program, a division of Nightlight® Christian Adoptions. More than 20 years ago, a couple struggling to start their family approached. His book Frozen, But Not Forgotten: An Adoptive Dad’s Step-by-Step Guide to Embryo Adoption releases in just a few days. The book, Frozen, But Not Forgotten: An Adoptive Dad’s Step-by-Step Guide to Embryo Adoption,
[ISBN: 978-1-946889-96-6] will release in April from Carpenter’s Son Publishing. It will be available from selected book stores and online retailers.
For more information about Nate Birt and the family, visit www.frozenbutnotforgotten.com. Follow Nate on Twitter at @natebirt, join the conversation on Facebook at @AuthorNateBirt or connect on LinkedIn.


This is a Holiday Special.  Kathryn and Production team will talk about what Easter means to them. They will open it up to calls from listeners.

Kathryn will also share her favorite Easter dinner menus as well.  Join in this Holiday Special! Give the station a call at 513-579-1160 or stream it on Christian Talk 1160 AM at 10:00 AM. She will be giving prizes out as well.


Gerald Blumenthal was our guest for religious Holiday of Passover. As well Our guest today is Dr. Gerald Blumenthal a mechanical engineer, an industrial psychologist, Speaker, businessman  & the author of six books. He will discuss the Religious Holidays of Passover.


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Dan Perkins our next guest is political commentator, Author,of both thrillers and children’s books. He is a  Registered Investment Adviser, a Radio Personality who appears on over 1,100 radio stations. Mr. Perkins appears regularly on international TV talk shows, he is current events commentator for seven blogs, and a philanthropist with his foundation for American veterans, Songs and Stories for Soldiers, Inc. More information about him, his writings, and other works are available on his website, DanPerkins.guru


Joining Dan is Retired Brigadier General William Guy USAF/Chief Line Check Pilot B-777 Delta Airlines, Business Man, Entrepreneur, Air Council Member joins  Dan today for a discussion on Veterans. General Guy works tirelessly works for Veterans and their families through all the organisations he is affiliated with in the Dallas Fort Worth region.

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WCVX 1160 AM May 11, 2019

Our guest today is William H. Northwall, M.D. – Political Expert, Conservative Analyst and Author of “Return to Capitalism (2nd Edition)” He will be discussing the Dangers of Socialism. There are a lot of arguments about whether communism, socialism, and liberalism are the same thing. What shouldn’t be arguable is that they’re all closely related branches of the same tree. Socialism is particularly dangerous because it’s so perfectly suited for the modern era. It’s the ultimate “miracle” product: it’s “nice,” it’s “fair,” it’ll make you feel good about yourself. It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But, like most products the promises socialism makes are all a mirage.

Dr. William Northwall, 20 years retired from a 30 year practice of radiology, is an advocate for practitioners of medicine, and for the patient population that wants and needs quality health care that is affordable. He offers some clear-headed insight into what capitalism is all about, and the dangers of socialism. To learn more go to www.williamnorthwall.com/