W4Cy and W4VET August 31, 2017

Cynthia Fabian is our guest and new Literary Expert and Author will discuss all of her books and why she loves writing children’s books .

A retired teacher of English and ESL, Cynthia Fabian now speaks to audiences about overcoming obstacles and writing. An author, a ghostwriter and literary expert.  An inventor of a natural patented product that helps to eradicate bugs.

“I have had epilepsy my entire life and have always had to overcome obstacles in many ways. This book and all of my books are more about making yourself the best, by keeping a positive attitude than anything else.”

She lives in Venice, Fl. and had just finished writing the book, The Counting Game.  The middle-grade fiction novel that depicts a young man with dyscalculia, which is like dyslexia in math. Funny and quick witted it also has a Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot as one of its protagonists!

On Amazon and also Kindle Unlimited Free. Also, find all her books on Amazon as well–please also choose your favorite charity on Amazon Smile for a donation to your own charity.

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