Let’s Just Talk-  Kathryn Raaker hosts this nationally syndicated magazine format radio program 4 days a week on AM/FM, internet and on her Free I-Tunes App. The shows features topics for today’s audience. Whether it is a guest talking about the newest technology, politics, health or other topics, it is all about informing her listeners. Kathryn has been in broadcasting for over 26 years and this show was first aired in 2003 on her home station of WCVX 1160 AM.  She is featured on the Wilkins Radio Networks, Fairfax Radio Network and W4Cy & W4Vet  Networks.

She expanded the radio show Let’s Just Talk  to  Let’s Just Talk TV a few of years ago, it became an instant hit! Now she does double duty on Let’s Just Talk but still brings the same great content to both platforms. These syndicated programs are broadcast daily on numerous markets around the world. So Tune Into “Let’s Just Talk” Radio and Specials of Let’s Just Talk TV to be informed and entertained!

  • KKIM1000 AM & KXKS1090/WWLN1080AM /WDZY1290AM /103.3FM KWDF 840AM/99.7FM/WBRI1500 AM &WBRI 96.7 FM 3/16/2019

    Our first guest today is Dr. Deborah Clegg will discuss: Is a plant-based diet the right choice? She has vital information on the potential health benefits and risks of a plant-based diet for patients with chronic kidney disease, including hyperkalemia (pronounced hyper-kah-leema), which refers to having abnormally high blood potassium levels.

     Dr. Deborah Clegg, affiliated with Cedars-Sinai, UCLA and American University and lead study investigator on plant-based diets in people with CKD, has vital information for patients whose kidneys are not functioning properly. For them, newer treatment options that help facilitate the body’s potassium levels may be beneficial, while also maximizing the benefit of a plant-based diet. For more information on Dr. Clegg go to https://www.emedevents.com/speaker-profile/deborah-j-clegg-  21188 For further information on hyperkalemia, please visit highpotassium.com.


    Our second guest is Rajesh N Keswani, MD, MS – Associate Professor of Medicine (Gastroenterology and Hepatology) / Medical Director of Quality for the Northwestern Medicine Digestive Health Center.  March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Rajesh Keswani, is a colorectal cancer expert will discuss how important it is for  screening, trends, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatments. For more information please visit www.nm.org/radio


    Gene Goldman, Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research of Cetera Investment Management, will  discuss the markets and why investors are more optimistic now than ever. He’ll also discuss the consumer confidence numbers that were released on February 26, and the GDP data that were released on February 28, as well as outline the market’s favorite and least favorite sectors.

    Gene Goldman is responsible for the strategic direction and continued growth of the firm’s research offerings. His role includes setting the vision for superior capabilities and enabling the delivery of objective investment advice. He provides day-to-day oversight of Cetera Investment Management, with a focus on providing unbiased research about the economy and financial markets, asset allocation strategies, mutual funds and other investment related topics. Mr. Goldman also helps oversee the investment committee and their commitment to delivering thought leadership on the economy, financial markets and investment strategies, as well as implementation and practice recommendations for advisers . For more information, please visit www.cetera.com  

Kathryn’s radio broadcast of Let’s Just Talk is featured on FPA Radio on Tuesdays at 8:00 AM EDT (Drive Time on Channel 36)

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Additionally Kathryn is on W4CY Internet Radio at 2:00 PM EDT on Thursdays and W4VET on Sunday’s at 9:00 PM EDT, these station offer world-wide Internet coverage.

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