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  • Fairfax Channel 36 1/28/2020 8:00 AM ET

    Dr. Peter Kaiser, Director of the Cole Center for Ocular Research and Evaluation and Professor of Ophthalmology at the Cleveland Clinic will discuss the impact of wet AMD and a new treatment option available for patients with this disease.

    Age-related macular degeneration is a leading cause of vision loss, and is a growing health concern. It’s estimated that 1.75 million people in the US are living with the most severe type of the disease, called wet age-related macular degeneration, or wet AMD.Patients with wet AMD typically experience distorted vision, making it difficult to see objects clearly. If allowed to progress, wet AMD can lead to loss of central vision, leaving patients unable to perform basic activities. The disease typically affects patients 60 years and older, but can occur earlier.


    Dr. James Ingvoldstad, Physician, Author is our second guest today he will discuss Road Trip: One Doctor’s Call to Haiti is Dr. Jim’s story of his experiences with God and the Haitian people.

    On January 10, 2010, a huge earthquake hit Haiti, devastating a portion of one of the world’s poorest nations. An American medical doctor there that day, on one of many trips he has made to Haiti, found himself one of the first medical professionals available to respond, and he moved to setting up a MASH-style medical clinic outside under tents and treating the injured until trauma medical teams could arrive. It was just one of the adventures Dr. Jim Ingvoldstad has had in his years of service to Haiti.

    When Dr. Jim began serving on short medical missions in Haiti he learned not only that he has gained more than he gave, but that risking change and stepping out and being vulnerable allows for growth and joy.

    When the opportunity to serve came, viewed it as a way of giving back to others and fulfilling the call God had on his life. What he saw only later was that the adventure had the joy and risk of a road trip to the unknown. After almost 20 years and more than 30 trips to the same community in Haiti, he saw the radical change this had made in his own life as, among other things, he learned from the Haitian people the joy of living in the present, and of giving without expectation of anything in return.

    For more information where you can purchase “Road Trip: One Doctor’s Call to Haiti is Dr. Jim’s story of his experiences with God and the Haitian people”.  Go to Amazon.com

  • WCVX 1160 AM 1/25/2020 10:00AM & 7:00PM

    Richard Whitworth, AIF® ‐ Head of Business Consulting, Cetera Financial Group will discusses tips and provide insight on how to develop a business plan by utilizing key resources that are available. He can also offer advice on succession and business continuity planning for 2020.

    As Managing Director of Cetera Financial Group’s Business Consulting organization, Mr. Whitworth manages a team of business consultants and subject matter experts, providing the strategic and tactical framework to assist the team in reaching its goal of helping Cetera’s financial advisors with their advice‐centric growth and productivity objectives through the industry award‐winning Pentameter® process.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Delaware with minors in Spanish, Economics and International Business, and holds an International MBA with Honors from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.  For more information, please www.cetera.com



    Our second guest is Scott Adzick, M.D. Surgeon-In-Chief at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Pioneering fetal surgeon  Dr. Adzick specializes in treating these babies’ unique needs – including surgical procedures when they are still in the womb. He will discuss the advancing technology and how fetal surgery can help save and better the lives of many children worldwide. *January is Birth Defects Awareness Month*  For more information please visit fetalsurgery.chop.edu




    Our last guest is Dr. Jay W. Lee, a family physician, will discuss a New Survey that breaks down the Myths young people still believe about vaping (and their true vaping motivations) he will explain the facts and the myths about vaping and to make sure we all understand the consequences The  study was commissioned by the American Academy of Family Physicians, this new survey of tobacco vape users between the ages of 16-30 is shedding an important light on the vaping disconnects and what many say is their real motivation.



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