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  • Fairfax Channel 36 11/19/2019 8:00 AM ET

    Andre Fredieu, M.D., medical director, Oklahoma Stroke & Neurological Institute, Hillcrest Medical Center.  Stroke is a “Brain Attack” and Can Happen to Anyone at Any Age World Stroke Day is a Reminder to BE FAST When Symptoms Appear!

    The signs of stroke can be subtle and hard to recognize, so educating yourself and others is key to noticing and responding quickly. The acronym BE FAST stands for Balance, Eyes, Face, Arm, Speech, Time. Using BE FAST, if you notice a sudden loss of balance or vision, an uneven smile, arm weakness or slurred speech, call 911 to get immediate medical attention.2 Additionally, experts like Dr. Fredieu want the public to know that it’s ok to overreact when it comes to stroke. The right care, right away, has the potential to save lives.3 For more information about BE FAST and all 10 signs and symptoms of stroke, visit www.strokeawareness.com.



    Joshua Halpern, MD, Urologist and assistant professor at Northwestern Medicine, urologist Dr. Joshua Halpern will educate men on how they can take charge of their health, at any age. He’ll discuss why 1 in 6 men will be told they have prostate cancer and what men can do to ensure they are keeping tabs on their health.



    THE AMERICAN LEGION National Commander  James W. “Bill” Oxford.  The Nation’s Largest Veterans Organization Looks to its Second Century as America’s Most Influential Voice for Veterans.

    In the aftermath of another Election day, American Legion National Commander Bill Oxford is hoping that Americans will pause to remember just who it is that makes it possible to freely choose our elected officials. For more information go to: www.legion.org


    Jodi Grant, Executive Director of the Afterschool Alliance to discuss the report and the ways afterschool programs help students succeed in school and in life, and what we can all do to make afterschool programs available to many more children and youth. For more information please visit www.afterschoolalliance.org

  • KKIM1000 AM & KXKS1090/WWLN1080AM /WDZY1290AM /103.3FM KWDF 840AM/99.7FM/WBRI1500 AM&WBRI 96.7 FM 11/16/2019

    Our guest today is Alex McFarland, acclaimed evangelist an expert on youth, and founder of Truth for a New Generation.  He will discuss the Truth for a New Generation “Unashamed”  Conference to Cincinnati it started Friday Nov. 15th thru the 16th of Nov. to help Christians, especially youth, not just better understand their faith – but boldly stand for that faith in a culture that increasingly marginalizes it. A deep and diverse roster of speakers share biblical truth on the most critical issues facing our country today.

    “Our speakers will spend these two days sharing core truths that make for an unshakeable faith,” McFarland explained. “These are perilous times in our nation for all people, and especially young people, who try to live by values rooted in their Christian faith. Those who disagree with the Christian worldview, particularly as it informs public policy, seem no longer interested in discussion and debate.

    Alex McFarland is an acclaimed evangelist and worldview scholar of extraordinary range who has spoken before audiences in all 50 states and internationally.  His best-selling books have been translated into several languages, and he has been interviewed by MSNBC, The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, Slate.com, and many others.  CNN called him “an expert on cults and world religions.”  FOX News said he is, “An expert on youth and religion.” His 18th book will be released in the Spring of 2020.  He and his family live in North Carolina. For more information go to their website at: https://alexmcfarland.com/

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